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As most women like to dress up properly and are interested in fashion, a game Lady Popular
has finally been released for them. This Lady Popular Review offers an insight into the game
as well as what you can do to enjoy it for hours. So, let’s take a look at gameplay first!

Not everyone enjoys shooting, developing buildings, exploring alien world and such like
most men. Some women likes to be an independent lady who is strong and loves shopping,
changing hairstyles once in a while, have a boyfriend, etc. This game offers all these to

To make it in the real world, in the game one will have to become successful by completing
three different tasks. The tasks included:

  • Changing hair style to whatever a player like
  • Rent an apartment for herself
  • Purchase something from a store in a mall which the player like some other objectives in the game one should complete are mentioned below.

Objective of this game
The primary objective is to keep completing tasks and leveling up in the game. After
changing hairstyle, renting apartment and such, one would need to go through other tasks

  • Starting Cookiegirl course
  • Buy more items from mall store
  • Visit a hairstylist

Next is where a player is invited to part with her partner. Hence, one would require going to
club to meet new people flirt with them and so on.
It is one of the best ways to kill some time every day. And since, people love this game, Lady
Popular Review always have great words from its players.

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