Throne Kingdom At War

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Leaders win battles. Throne Kingdoms is looking for you to leaad army and bring the wishful freedom to the Kingdom, from the evil forces. Every player in the game has their cities and armis that they manage and trained for the inevitable war.

When so many players with their armies are moving towards each other then easy its not going to be. Play wisely, logically and be minded to your strategy are important. This is your chance to play a real RTS magnificent game. Throne Kingdoms At War is a MMORTS where millions of players do their game simultaneously. That’s all the fun and challenge. The winner will have the Throne and rule the Kingdom.

How To Play

  • Register – simple registration form.
  • Characters – 4 to 5 fictional characters are available for you. Each character brings set if skills and qualities which you have to take advantage of during the game and in your battles.
  • Build Your Kingdom – by choosing various elements offered in your dashboard. The kingdom is the home and living place for your armis and people. No point to extend the details as its common to every strategy game.
  • Armies – Once you are done and  created some small-medium piece of land, then its time to protect your people, which means fight against other players. The game supply training module to train your armies and learn various tactics and techniques. The obvious goal is making your army as strong and resourceful as possible.
  • Capture Land – as every RTS game, you must protect your land and try capture more of the enemies’s lands. Fight them and get their land and resources,  during the battles you will also gain more power for your armies.
  • Earn Rewards – each won battle will bring you rewards, those will help you build your character to face the next steps in the game.

Key features

Breathtaking Land – the Kingdom is beautifully designed and the land looks great, gives the players a real-life adventure. The graphics and sounds are amazing and exciting gameplay. Players have multiple ways to build their cities and their lands as per to their needs. As the game develops, the views and game rhythm become  more intense.

Background Score – experience interesting background score received on every win you will collect.  Battlefields are very real and gives great feeling. Even the sounds of fire and the fight is done pretty well. They thought about the scream of the people which is super nice!

Throne Kingdoms At War is a must play game for every strategy-game lover. Fictitious kingdom, great sounds, battles and exciting gameplay! City building, train your armies and start the quest to rule the land! Enjoy playing!

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