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Whenever you watch Harry Potter movies or read the novel you must have found yourself
immersed completely in the world of wizards. Many times you must have wanted to be a
wizard or experience all the excitement the characters are experiencing in the movie. How
will you react if you are allowed to be a wizard? Surprised? Yes, you can be a wizard and
explore the world of the wizard. Wizard101 is here to provide you with such an opportunity.
Here is a brief Wizard101 Review for you to get a proper understanding of the game.

About the game
The Wizard101 is an MMO game designed for children by Kingsisle Entertainment. It is
considered as one of the highly engaging MMO games that people have come across till
now. This game provides players the opportunity to be a young wizard. They can go to
wizard school and can have all the fun that they log for while watching or reading Harry
Potter in the wizard city and the surrounding area.
You will find the game intriguing as you will fulfill your dream of being a young wizard
wielding a wand. You can go to school for transformation or conjuration. You can learn
wizard tricks from different schools and by engaging yourself in spell duels.

What makes it the best?
When you go through various Wizard101 online reviews you will find how people are
praising this game. The reason for people to praise it is –

  • The kid-centered family-friendly MMO game design.
  • Fully voice – acted and downloadable.
  • Fun for the whole family and enjoyed by all age groups.
  • Multiplayer, safe, and enjoyable adventure game.
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