Black Desert Online

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Black Desert Online is a RPG Action role-playing game evolves around the clash of two Kingdoms: Valencia and Republic of Calpheon. Black Desert Online is a combination of fantasy world and an action-style rpg game.


  • Counterattacks in BDO is entirely action based which demand manual targeting and
    free motion. A player can take part in various castle fights and PvP siege events.
    Moreover, trading, housing, farming and fishing are also offered by this game. When
    it comes to detailing a character, no other MMO game comes in comparison.
  • Players can take part in active combats and mounted combats. Active ones need
    specific manual targets, dodging and usage of combos. Combatting skills can be
    charged up using combos to attack, obstruct and avoid. Mounts can be obtained by
    taming the wild animals and also breeding is possible.
  • As the game follows the sandbox technique, a player will witness a global climatic
    diversity which regulates the gameplay. Local weather events contain fog which
    allows players to make unknown attacks. The dynamic challenges include day or
    night cycle and involves continuous lightning visuals. However, during nighttime,
    some non-player characters remain unavailable as they go home, and the monsters
    can carry more loot.

According to a Black Desert Online Review, to receive an excellent sandbox experience and
begin a personal adventure, this game is a foremost choice among its players.

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