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With their origin dating back to 1995, Wargaming, a company formed by a group of game enthusiasts, has garnered enough positive feedback over two decades and they launched World of Tanks first in 2010, which is still their proudest product. World of Tanks takes players back into the World War 2 era, with tanks, guns and stories from the 1940s and has already made its mark in the Guinness Book of Records as having the most number of players online, playing simultaneously on a single MOG server. This World of Tanks review tells you all the possible reasons which will make WoT your next favourite.

An adventure worth remembering

With over 100 million registered players, World of Tanks boasts of a story which scatters over 11 nations, 70 unique maps and five types of battles which the players can play in. The game draws you in with its plenitude of heavy artillery, and it will be in no time when you will be scurrying for newer strategies to beat your opponents in this tank-centric online shooter. And in no time, the game lays the ground for being an entire periodic universe with metal clanks and whizzing bullets predominating.

Compelling design

Also, extremely sleek-looking with all the recent updates, the game has an insane amount of content which will make it an instant favourite for war-game fanatics.

But mind you, World of Tanks requires extreme concentration and ability to cope in new stories for every mission. So, what this World of Tanks review says is this – this game is not a light tread, but a heavy historical piece which gets more intense as you delve deeper.


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