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Developed as an initial version by Digital Extremes in 2013, Warframe has undergone massive changes in its gameplay and user interface to become one of the most popular co-operative space loot shooter games.

The game has arrived recently along with story changes and other major upheavals last year and is being tagged by many of its ardent fans as the most ‘Frankenstein-esque’ game ever developed. This Warframe review gives a short description of all its features and gives you all the right reasons to indulge in it as soon as possible.

A powerful gameplay

If you are playing Warframe for the first time, it will look a bit similar to Diablo 3 – an open universe with lots of storylines intersecting with each other and where players have to stitch together space maps to defeat hordes of enemies and collect memorabilia. And so many stories and collectables also means you will find some new mission or a new weapon to fight for every time.

A detailed narrative

The narrative of the game is vast and even if it seems intimidating at times for new players, the intensely informative wiki pages and other fan-made websites will be of enormous help to you. Warframe also makes you learn all the skills which humans hope would be needed when we are fighting aliens in space – gun battles, martial arts, futuristic spacecraft and what not.

So, whenever you are on the watch for playing a new game the next time, give it a try after reading this Warframe review and get ready to be lost in a world, where time will matter less than rewards.


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