War Thunder

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Gaijin Entertainment’s latest attempt to put players back into land and air combat during the Second World War is a feat which other games are afraid to tread into but done by War of Thunder so patriotically and beautifully.

Exhilarating air battles with frequent shows of loyalty towards nations and worldly land combats are the two things which the game boasts of. These make War of Thunder seem more like an elaborate eight-part TV series than an online video game. This War Thunder review breaks down the game to make it easier for you to choose it as your next obsession.

A hardcore gameplay

War of Thunder, an incredibly detailed game in every aspect right from the graphical pilot mode to the minute gun designs, can be broken down into some very straightforward elements, as is described in all other War Thunder review sites. You pick up something and destroy your enemies, that is what the game demands you do and that something is either a plane, a gun or a tank. The game is also free to download and consists of in-game purchases, so spending is not forced upon the users.
The game is compatible with a wide range of devices and can be played in a cross-platform format for Android TV, Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even Linux.
Not for the faint-hearted
An elaborate simulation of the war spread across nations and different game-playing modes, this game lives up to its name. It travels back with you to a world in real turmoil and makes you the hero, you were meant to be.

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