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A sweet mixture of Battlefield and Twisted Metal, Crossout is a ‘free-to-play’ combat video game that was developed by Targem Games and published by Gajin Entertainment and is compatible with a wide variety of devices including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android and Windows. This exciting online shooter game lets players build their own vehicles for combat and share them with the world too. This Crossout review will tell you all about the gameplay and the various defence/attack scenarios.

A post-apocalyptic MMO game

Apart from being a whole lot of fun and featuring an extensive range of vehicles that can be built and customised for free, the game also reminds players a lot of the 1970s Volkswagen vehicles people owned, that didn’t look like much at first sight but ended up performing way better than anyone ever expected it to.

Featuring a round of very intense battles that can be manoeuvred using a set of very efficient controls, the game centres on raids and fighting AI forces, set up by the game’s developers. Users need fuel to participate in these raids, that can simply be purchased by completing a set of PvP matches. Albeit some initial discomfort that every gamer feels while starting off, the game is a delightful experience, letting users reach higher levels by winning and unlocking raids.

Visual design

The game features an elegant user interface and post-apocalyptic design, mentioned in pretty much every Crossout review ever. The maps are green, and the water effects are really impressive. Crossout is a very fascinating game when it comes to free online shooter games and worth every bit the time you spend playing it.


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