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Whenever you watch Harry Potter movies or read the novel you must have found yourself immersed completely in the world of wizards. Many times you must have wanted to be a wizard or experience all the excitement the characters are experiencing in the movie. How will you react if you are allowed to be a […]

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Lord Of The Rings Online

The Lord of rings online was launched way back in the year 2007 but at that point of time it had a proper subscription. But later the developers of this game decided to opt for a hybrid free to play business model. This happened in the year 2010. Before you can get this game to […]

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Neverwinter is a popular MMORPG created by Cryptic Studios. The game is a combination of ‘Forgotten Realms’ and ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ where Neverwinter is a fictional city. Neverwinter gains popularity although players says it take some time untill the fun really begins. Important game features: Races – the races of this game come from conventional […]

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black desert online
Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online is a RPG Action role-playing game evolves around the clash of two Kingdoms: Valencia and Republic of Calpheon. Black Desert Online is a combination of fantasy world and an action-style rpg game. Gameplay Counterattacks in BDO is entirely action based which demand manual targeting and free motion. A player can take part […]

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league of angels 3
League Of Angels 3

MMORPG is a genre which is quite popular among people for decades. Hence, today you will learn about one of the best games in this genre. Through this League of Angels 3 Review you will acquire every piece of information about it before starting to play. So, let’s dive into the depths of this game! […]

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Gaming community is becoming larger with time. In present times, billions of people play video games on a daily basis. One of the things which are quite popular in modern world is Roblox. Through this article you will go through a Roblox Review which will help in understanding if you’d like to try this multiplayer […]

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Sao’s Legend

Want to enjoy the free-to-play browser-based game Sao’s Legend? Check out this SAO’s Legend Review and you will get a clear idea about the exciting features of this game. A brief overview of the game Sao’s Legend is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that is based on Sword Art Online. Four characters are […]

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raid shadow legends
Raid Shadow Legends

Are you looking for an honest Raid Shadow Legends Review? Then this article is for you as it contains important details about this game that are unbiased. Read it completely before you download the game from the play store and engage in playing it. About the game Raid Shadow Legends is a gacha role-playing game […]

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