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Developed as an initial version by Digital Extremes in 2013, Warframe has undergone massive changes in its gameplay and user interface to become one of the most popular co-operative space loot shooter games. The game has arrived recently along with story changes and other major upheavals last year and is being tagged by many of […]

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world of tanks
World of Tanks

With their origin dating back to 1995, Wargaming, a company formed by a group of game enthusiasts, has garnered enough positive feedback over two decades and they launched World of Tanks first in 2010, which is still their proudest product. World of Tanks takes players back into the World War 2 era, with tanks, guns […]

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Gamers have always enjoyed the many pleasures of free-to-play first-person shooter games, but it was only a while ago when Warface re-launched itself for the console scene and fans couldn’t be happier. As this Warface review will demonstrate, the game, powered by CryEngine V, is a delight to play for fans of titles such as […]

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A sweet mixture of Battlefield and Twisted Metal, Crossout is a ‘free-to-play’ combat video game that was developed by Targem Games and published by Gajin Entertainment and is compatible with a wide variety of devices including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android and Windows. This exciting online shooter game lets players build their own vehicles for […]

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war thunder
War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment’s latest attempt to put players back into land and air combat during the Second World War is a feat which other games are afraid to tread into but done by War of Thunder so patriotically and beautifully. Exhilarating air battles with frequent shows of loyalty towards nations and worldly land combats are the […]

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