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The world known as the Woozworld is a kind of term related to the social network and the virtual world which is made for the tweens and the teens which is a kind of platform for all kinds of children of all ages as it allows them to express their kind of creativity that they have as to have a more fun and safe kind of environment. This is a world that is also a browser-based one along with the virtual thing. It requires no kind of download to play online. It is a fun kind of site for all the children and this kind of virtual word is known to have the highest kind of standards as in the case of online safety. Woozworld is called the Children’s online privacy act as in the task of protecting the personal information of every child who is part of the Woozworld secrets.


They have a supervised chat system that only allows the pre-approved kind of words and it also has the cutting edge technology. It has a team of moderates who work constantly as for the betterment of the brand name and even to ensure the child’s safety and brings some of the rules or the code of conduct as should be followed by all the players. It tends to empower every child to develop his or her creativity and enhance it on a wider picture, along with the social skills by the act of becoming an active member of their community as the child gets the opportunity to create his or her world with their services. They have a monitored kind of blog with them which provides the children to give an identity to his or her voice to be heard and even to share the ideas the one has along with the procedure of learning their new form of activities and the contests which are developed with more fun and excitement.


The Woozworld is a kind of platform which is favoured by most of the parents all around the world as this platform gives their children a chance to woke up their creativity and give it a beautiful form that is desirable to them and the parents as well. It is a kind of community that is more of a virtual one. Although the wooz can only be purchased with real money but still there are several games available on the Woozworld as the Twin games, the revenge games, and the Spin the Bottle game. Woozworld secrets are something that changes with the trend as it changes every minute though the things may be expensive but still the wooziness considered an ideal one. it allows one to have more people as one to have good conversations.


The woozworld allows the number of children to have a beautiful virtual world, even create an avatar and play online by creating their world. It empowers the children for their creativity and the skills by being ac active members of the community of the woozworld. They have a monitored kind of blog as it allows the child to have a forum to make her or his voice heard by the audience. There are millions of teenagers and the children who play online in the virtual world of the woozworld and bring forward a safe environment along with a fun experience. The parents can be even sure that with the woozworld their child is hanging with the correct thing. They have a safe and supervised programming thing that only allows the pre-approved words and what is powdered by the name of the cutting edge technology. It has a big team of the moderators who get together for the betterment of the virtual world and to ensure the safety of the child but all the children need to follow the code of conduct.


The world of the woozworld is a world that is full of features like the Collectiblz which is a common feature. There all features that are not of the same characteristics as some are funny while some are yucky at the same time. There are some of the things that just need one click to make them disappear, while the others offer the players with a challenge. Their features sometimes even gives the chance to the players to earn a lot of prizes by playing the games. The woozworld has one feature of their woopetz animal which is a friendly animal on their games. Any member can have as many as woodpetz they desire though at one time only one animal can accompany the player. It even needs some steps to be followed to have the animal in the game. It helps the person to win various kinds of prizes. Apart from these features, the woozworld secrets have some of the cheats also which comes with some of the steps as to follow and one can have the following cheats.




The cheat of the free unitz:

This is one of the first kind of the cheat that allows the person to have this cheat but the player needs to follow these steps like:

  1. One needs to find the unit that is called the “Ballroom” unit on the display of the woozworld.
  2. Then it needs the person to go to the left of the unitz and click the button which shows the sign of the heart and then places a lock on the heart.
  3. One needs to then type in max&jenny2gether4ever.
  4. All these steps allow the person to have the cheat of the free unitz which makes the games more interesting and fun to play.


The cheat of the teleporter:

This is a kind of cheat that needs two-person for the concerned game as the person needs to bring one of his or her friend that is trustworthy and even requires a teleporter. With all of these things, the person needs to make sure the place where he or she wants the teleporter to go and then click the not of the music they want, and with the moving of the mover keep clicking teleporter in a fast speed.


The cheat of the fireball:

This is one of a fun kind of cheat for someone to have it as it brings the fun of putting the other people on fire as to put the people on fire one must follow these steps like:

  1. The person should use different kinds of arrow keys.
  2. Then it requires an order to follow for the person like Up Up Down Down Left Right. This order should be followed by the person.
  3. After this one should click the letter of Band A after which every person who is present in the room goes on fire.


The cheat of the moonwalk:

This is a simple kind of cheat to have as compared to the others as it does not require a lot of steps to go for as for the person who desires to go for this cheat, just needs to type in /moonwalk.


The cheat of the PC:

As the name suggests, one should have a PC as for the cheat of the PC to follow. The steps that should be followed are:

  1. One needs to on the PC.
  2. Further, it requires the name of the woozen that is the woozen’s name which has to be exact and correctly written which each number and the letter written correctly.
  3. The message that the person wants to sends can now type the message, but it should have some kind of limitation of the letters being used.
  4. Then press the enter button and make sure that the message is being delivered.


 The cheat of the Spell Jobz:

This requires a friend, a trustworthy friend of the player, and needs an empty room to which both of them can go. Then on the count of three, comes the task of the person and the friend to do the cheat, and also on the count of three the friend puts the spell jobz on the person and can put on the hair/shirt or the pants of the person.


The cheat of the clothing:

This is the same as the previous one as it requires a friend too and then needs for both of them to go to a private room which only they know. They should find an article of clothing that both of them like and have a consent regarding it and on the count of three make the friend buy the clothes. As a result, both of the partners will have a piece of clothing. This kind of clothing has many types of clothing that have different kinds of shopping bags. All of these things make the woozen exciting and one can even turn around the woozen just by scrolling the cursor on the woozen.

Hence, this is a fun play for every child and a safe environment that it gives to the children with all the exciting features of the woozworld secrets.

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