Popular Offensive Strategies In Grepolis Elite

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This particular comprehensive guide would give you a great idea about how to play Grepolis and improve the game consistently. If you contemplate incorporating the following skills in your game, you can easily become a master of the game and also save a lot of quality time:

  • Basics
  • Defence
  • Attack
  • Nukes
  • Army Guide
  • Navy Guide


Following is the basic learnings about the game everyone needs to know:

  • The first basic step is to give significance to getting an army ready with proper training rather than collecting more points for making buildings.
  • One should be able to understand the importance of an alliance. One should focus on performing well for the alliance and not being selfish. A team player can work through various challenges easily.
  • One should focus on attacking the animals every time. To find out the enemies, try to look out for movements by elements that are not green and blue.
  • Whenever attacking for capturing the whole city, one should ensure that their troops are along with a minimum of 50 lightships. This would certainly give you an upper hand over your enemy.
  • It is always better to make sure that your cave consists of 20000 silvers which would help you and triggering a report against an enemy who has ill intentions against your city.


It is rightly said that attack is the best defence but still you need to improvise some strategies that can keep you safe even in the most adverse situations. Every player should find out about all the threats that lie within the distance of 8 hours by using TS following which you can do away with them a can safeguard your territory from an attack overnight. Even if a situation comes when you are under an attack by your enemy, you should lay out your defence systematically and start executing counter attacks on your enemies with the help of naval nukes and blunt nukes. Counterattack is the best defence strategy because it is less expected by the enemy. When you get into a counter-attack, your enemy can fee the pressure and the opposite alliance may not get fully involved in the attack which in turn gives you an upper hand.

  • Acceptable Units Of Defence

Every player should make sure that the medusas, chariot and hops are there in the town when an attack of the enemy is foreseen. The reason for this is that they kill horses of the enemies. Also, there is an option of activating the militia if there is an attack that is not the naval one as this can give you free BP that you can use to make your game better. These are some defensive units that can work well and hence are acceptable.

  • Unnecessary Units Of Defence

There are a few unnecessary defence units that can take time to build and may not prove out to be useful. Also, these unnecessary units can waste your farm space that can be utilized for other things.

  • Use Of Biremes And Trained Enlisting The Militia

This is among the most important and the most effective defence strategy in the game, especially when playing in the revolting world. This defence strategy requires less cost, less time and less population which is the reason for its efficiency. They are for sure the fastest type of defence strategy and also don’t use a lot of silver fragments. This defence strategy can prove to be very useful against newbies who are still learning the game as they don’t give importance to carrying battleships with their army troops.

  • Don’t Train Your Troops For Defence Only

If you use your swordsman and arches as a defence unit, you may be wasting your farm space as they occupy a major portion of it. As mentioned above, biremes prove out to be the most useful defence unit that also allows you to time your counter attacks well enough to overpower your enemies. Using a troop army for defence is of no use when biremes are enough to carry out the defence. You have to develop an intelligent strategy of defence search that you don’t end up wasting your farm space which could be utilised better for counter-attacks and other important aspects of the game.

  • How To Defend An Enemy Siege?

In case the city you are aiming to conquer is surrounded by enemy troops and other attacking units, to develop a good defence strategy. Even if you are an attacking player, you must employ some land troops for the defence to defend the CS for a complete 8 hours. The following two ways can be used as a successful defence strategy when aiming to end a siege:

Attack and destroy the entire naval unit which is employed for defending the colony ship. This way you will end up having the colony ship destroyed.

If you can attack and destroy all the defending land units in the City, the entire naval unit of the enemy will fall back to the city except for the colony ship which eventually gets destroyed.

So this how you plan your defence strategy when there is an enemy siege. You must not rely solely on biremes or defence troops for conquering a siege but use a combination of both to successfully be the victor. Employing a lot of archers and swordsmen for defence maybe the defence strategy of a lot of people but they are not so effective for sure when the above-mentioned strategies guarantee you full control in the game.

  • Hide Attacking Troops

It is a good strategy to hide your attacking troops while defending your city. This can be done by placing your attacking troops a few hours away from the city. This will prevent the enemies to locate the attacking troops while you are asleep and while your attacking troops return after a few hours.


The defence is without any doubt a bit easy aspect of the game where certain strategies if executed exactly how they are planned can do wonders for you but this is not at all the case for an attack. Attacking has to done in the right way as a single wrong decision can take control of you, leaving your city out of commission. One must give a lot of importance to this section and note the points enlisted.

According to the Grepolis battle system, consider the basic value of attack of the attacker side and subtracts from the value if the defence of the defending enemy side to obtain the battle result. As a professional attacker, you are supposed to identify a major weakness in the defence unit of your enemy and then employ an appropriate nuke that can destroy the weak part of the defence completely. When you use nukes, you use the best segment of your army for a front line for destroying there’s efficient. When you overpower the defence element which makes them difficult to attack, you gain an advantage over your enemies for the entire bottle left.

Nukes are a very important element of the game as you as an attacker employee the type of attack that you will be using to destroy the defence unit. If you employ only one type of attack, the defence unit against that attack will only come in play, leaving the others out of the scene. This would help you attack and help you triumph easily.

To make you well aware of your attacking potential and the number of attackers you have, the following section has all the basic information you need for the same.

First of all, you need to be aware of some stats about the army. The army incorporates the following:

  1. 500 hoplites
  2. 200 swordsman
  3. 150 Archers

All of these segments are hiding behind a wall which is of level 10.

When you are in a war, you should be aiming at taking down all of the 500 hoplites as they lead the army on the front line and is considered as half of the total defence army. If you are successful in taking down the hoplites, the other two unites i.e. the swordsman and the archers will fall back. This indicates the importance of hoplites in the army and shows that the weakness of the hoplites can turn out to be the weakness of the enemy’s army. Wo let’s find out that.

Well, ranged attacks have proved out to be the most useful attack strategy against the hoplites. Also, slingers are the attack units that are best at executing ranged attacks.

There are in total 11300 defence against ranged which includes 3500 hoplites, 6000 swordsman and 1800 archers. The stats of the three defence units clearly shows that slingers are the most effective attack unit that can take over the hoplites(the most important one) and other two units as well by using ranged attacks.

Well, it is advised to use a minimum of 800 slingers to successfully clear an army. To be on the safe side, one should use a bit more or all of the slingers of your army. Doing this would ensure better results.

You can also employ some hoplites in your attack which can face the second defence units which are of the swordsman. Using this strategy would save a lot of slingers which would have died usually. Although this does not affect the result very much, certainly can save a lot of slingers which would come out as an advantage later on when you try to rebuild your army. This would just require 23 BP’s extra.

Also, one can employ pop lights and horses to bring down the two defence units i.e. swordsman and archers with just 47 BP’s extra. Well, on should be very careful while using this strategy as not doing so can waste your resources which would take a lot of time to rebuild. Also, one cannot ignore the resources as they are important to carry out other tasks in the city.

One should keep in mind that sharp and blunt nukes wouldn’t be successful in an attack where hoplites are there on the frontline. Sharp nukes may not be able to survive from the defence of the hoplites which lead the defence army from the frontline. Also, blunt nukes where horses are involved is a bad attacking idea as they showed their weak sides against hoplites and chariots.

To understand the above notion in detail, you can use the knowledge of why ranged attacks of slingers are the most important and effective. Breaking things down, an army of the attackers having a single type of attack is usually able to attack better and overpower any defence lineup in the game. It is experienced that the attack of the slingers turns out to be the most effective and overpowering.

If you use 900 slingers in your army for the attack, you can generate a total number if 20700 ranged attacks. This number itself overpowers the total number of defence created by 500 hoplites, 200 swordsmen and 150 archers which are 11300. Even if half of the slingers die while taking on the hoplites and swordsman, still there are 6000 ranged attacks left against 1800 defence of the archers which is an overpowering number again. It is always important to time your attacks well and strategically as it would help you save more number of slingers which would eventually add up to the number of singers that face swordsmen and archers.

If you employ your blunt attack, you would end up losing horses which get butchered by the defence unit. Losing hoplites and slingers is okay but losing horses is not because of the time and space they need to get rebuild. The blunt attack can easily overpower the first two defence units, the third one may be overpowering to them.


Nuke refers to the attacking troops that are employed for taking on the defence of the enemy. These attacking troops specialize in the certain specific type of attacks which are blunt, sharp and ranged. In total, there are four Nuke types that an army is capable of the building which includes 3 land nukes and 1 naval nuke. You will be learning about the 3 land nukes in the nuke section and about 1 naval nuke in the Navy Guide section.

The basic section has already made you aware that the nukes come with a group of 50 lightships which leaves around 1600 FS and 400 to build transporting boats.

  • Sharp Nuke

A sharp Nuke ideally has horsemen, hoplites and manticores in numbers of 800+, 150, 3+ respectively.

In the sharp Nuke cities, it is always better to have at least 150 horsemen to be able to fasten up the farming process. Building a nuke using chariots would surely needless horsemen which usually ranges to 75. Also, Manticores instead of Medusas turns out to be a better option.

  • Ranged Nuke

A ranged Nuke ideally contains slingers, hoplites, horsemen and catapults in numbers of 1000+, 150, 75 and 10 respectively.

Hoplites are a must in your nuke to facilitate rounded attacks in certain situations. If one carries the slingers in the blind, a rounded attack can be handy.

  • Blunt Nuke

A blunt Nuke ideally contains hoplites, horsemen and harpys in numbers of 400+, 150 and 5 respectively.

The blunt nukes are ideal for raising essential resources from cities that have fallen in battles in the last 24 hours. No army should send their horsemen in the blind where ranged attacks are usually favoured.

If you are targetting a more aggressive approach in the game, you can do some changes in the nukes. In the blunt Nuke, you can replace the hoplites by horsemen and in the ranged nukes, you can replace the hoplites by slingers and catapults.

Navy Guide

It is already mentioned in the basics that a lot of difference in battles is made by the naval nukes. Lightships should be given more importance and maximum lightships should accompany the troops for having an upper hand in battles. Lightships are capable of breaking a siege as well as attacking a city. They can do both jobs very well. If you break a siege using the lightships, you end up having to attack BP’s instead of defence BP’s.

It is always best to build a navy city of the maximum fleet if lightships rather than building 50% with lightships and the remaining half with biremes. The more lightships you have the better chances of winning a battle.

When you need to send the lightships as a wave to clear while playing against big and challenging players, it is ideal to have all your lightships at one place as this would not need you to time the lightships twice. When you don’t need to time your lightships twice for clearing, you save a lot of time which is money in this game. The time is a very important aspect when you rebuild your army after a battle ends.

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