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Mythic Glory is a free to play RPG game presented by the creators of Thundercall and Stormthrone. One is supposed to fight for glory and prestige in this very interesting game. You can represent a mage, knight or a ranger which builds survival and fighting skills to help the odds to win over monster hordes. Engage yourselves in the neck to neck battles using your battle skills.

You earn a rank based upon your performance in every game which in turn gives you rewards. The higher rank you achieve, the better your rewards are. You can challenge players who stand above your rank to hike up your ranking. The game also gives you a chance to collect glory points upon each triumph which you can further spend in the glory shop to buy some rare items.

You can take part in battle alongside other players in the server to defeat the world bosses who respawn daily. You can also make use of S-rank machinery and weapons to progress in the game. You also get the chance to draw some lucky crates upon reducing the enemies health percentage. This game offers you a chance to team up with your friends and engage in high-level battles.

Attractive Features Of Mythic Glory

  • Interesting and exciting storyline to keep you engaged in the journey of solving full-fledged quests.
  • Customize your heroes as you wish and collect weapons, armour and artefacts.
  • A thrilling ride full of action and adventures.
  • Play with your friends and enjoy the thrilling journey of winning battles by defeating enemies.
  • Play this game from free and feel free to grow your spirit while you control the undeath forces.
  • Character customization options at peak with Mythic Glory.
  • Unleash new heroes in this fantasy world of adventure and thrill.
  • Take part in battles alongside mythical heroes and free your spirit.
  • Count yourself among champions in a journey for glory. Play alongside your friends and go on a super exciting adventure full of challenges.

Get To Represent Various Type Of Characters

Following the type of characters with certain skills exists in Mythic Glory:

  1. Knights: Knights are experts in combats and can use melee attacks and tank damage to the enemies and kill them.
  2. Rangers: Rangers are experts in dealing with tangible damage. The striking ability of a ranger is fatal.
  3. Mages: Mages play an important role in the quest for glory. They can use their magic skills to cause damage and also can use those skills as a healing power for building an unbeatable team.

This interesting game has a lot of rewards lined up for you. As you keep moving up on the rank table, you get various rewards for the same. Upon winning the game, Glory points are entitled to a player who can use them to buy attractive items. There is a designated glory shop for the same.

Make your character look unique by customizing them with the help of reward points. There are various fashionable outfit options available for the same.

System Requirements Of The Game

Mythic Glory can be experienced the best on PC with the latest version browser downloaded on your PC. That would help in smooth gameplay throughout your journey of Glory.

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