Advantages Of War Thunder For Soldiers During Covid-19

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Keeping in mind the problems of group training during the Covid-19, the army soldiers at Texas are conducting online training programs for the soldiers. War Thunder is the best fighting game that has helped in the training of the soldier, it helps them to control their tanks in the real world which will help in social distancing along with training of the army soldiers. They control their tanks by sitting at their assigned positions among the four, there the four soldiers are assigned different roles i.e. of a commander, Gunner, Loader, driver. The soldiers are divided into four-person groups in which they operate M1A2 Abrams tanks.

Why Is playing war thunder helpful?

There are many advantages of playing war thunder for soldiers and these includes-

  • High graphics- The game has high graphics which helps the soldiers to relate the situation with their real training sessions. This increases their zeal to hold their tanks more correctly.
  • You get flight riding experience- The army officials also get a 3d experience to ride flights which gives them real-life experience.
  • The soldiers have to hold their tanks- In real training, the main aim of the soldier is to hold their positions with the crew, which they also get in the game of war thunder. They can practice in a virtual world also.

In the game, each soldier is assigned a separate position with their tank which will increase their experience of handling their positions safely. The step has been taken by the army soldier when restrictions have been imposed on the training of the soldiers. But war Thunder has proved a boon for the soldiers. The idea has been useful for the soldiers as they get trained virtually.

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