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Welcome To The World Of Dungeons And Demons, The New Action-Packed MMORPG, Soul Worker.

SoulWorker is a free-to-play, action MMORPG game that is based on an anime environment with unique characters and an enriching gameplay experience.

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Soul Worker key features.

  • The game provides it, players, with action-laden gameplay in which you can cooperate with different players across the globe. There can be 4 players in a team at most.
  • Impressive animations throughout that make the game appear as a ‘playable anime’.
  • Choose your battle style and develop your own set of personalized combos.
  • Over 100 playable dungeons to choose from, providing an immersive PvE experience.
  • An open battlefield for those who love the PvP way.
  • 6 unique classes and backstories that captivate players in their own way.
  • Set in a dark post-apocalyptic world.

Character and weapons.

The weapon of a Soul Worker can be manifested by using the power of their soul. And hence, there are 6 different characters with their unique weapons.

  • The brave warrior, Haru Estia is seen to walk into a battle wielding her mighty sword, Soulum.
  • Lilly Bloommerchen adopting her power of madness forms a destructive Mist Scythe.
  • Stella Unibell uses her Howling Guitar to defend herself from every kind of attack.
  • Erwin Arclight, using his skills as an engineer fends off enemies using his gun, Jazz.
  • Jin, being an honorable fighter prefer using her fists to fight in her battles.
  • Iris Yuma unleashes the power of her innate wrath and rage to summon a gigantic hammer, Stol, that she used to attack her enemies.


Fan of fast, action-packed, rapid combat gameplay? Soul Worker has it all. You get to choose a total of 6 characters each with a different appearance, physical attributes, combos, weapons, and abilities. Choose either to play solo and face off against an immense world full of enemies or team up with 3 others and choose to play in a 4-man cooperative group. Both modes are equipped with an enriching PvE environment.

The dungeons are crawling with demons, and won’t give you a chance to survive if you’re not quick with your responses or use your combos and skills perfectly.

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