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All you should know about Eden Eternal

If you’re bored and looking for some new games – Eden Eternal is a Japanese free to play anime designed and styled fame. It is a multiplayer online game which involves role play and was developed by X-Legend. It was released in its Beta version in June 2011. It has been praised for its gameplay, appealing visuals, game systems and its innovative guild system.

Understanding the storyline of the game

It can be played through a simple internet access for free on their official website. Eden Eternal follows a storyline. The storyline goes as such – the individual playing takes the role of a player who has been found but is trapped within a bright blue crystal. This player throughout the game is referred to as the Crystal Child. It is the duty of the Crystal Child to find and discover clues about what had happened to them before they were trapped in the crystal. They also have to attempt to understand the recent troubles which have been occurring in the populated areas around them. The mascot of the game is an Alpaca, which in the game takes the job of the main method of transport.

The Appealing Features of the game

The game has grown to be popular because of some of its appealing and game friendly features. These include four primary characteristics. The first is Class Freedom. The eternal guardians in the game possess a lot of power, and are never limited to just one class per each character. You may start as a warrior or a magician and then can freely swap between classes as you unlock them.

Moreover, the combat in the game is fast and furious with powerful attacks coming from scary beasts from every side and place you go. The game engages players through their blades, bows and blasts. It also has some of the lengthiest and interesting battles.

Another interesting trait of the game is the presence of a large number of beasts and creatures and has a total of five playable races to choose or start with. Once you level up, you can also end up having one of each.

The last feature known to be the most attractive, is the ability of players to build their own homes and towns. This has them coming back to the game.

Make sure to go through this guide, before you start the game!

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